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TorchCart’s features to run a complete e-commerce business

If you’re planning to start an e-commerce, that’s undoubtedly a great plan! It’s amazing to watch businesses growing online these days.
Finding an effective e-commerce solution is crucial to building a business online. And, TorchCart is capable of confirming your online business to be profitable.
So, how does TorchCart ensure that? We have already mentioned it’s a complete e-commerce solution. With TorchCart, you won’t have to worry about anything but deciding to start your business online.
However, we’ll focus on TorchCart’s features here. You’ll find out the options available to operate a website in the easiest manner. And, you will see how it’s going to help your business grow!
Let’s have a look at all the valuable features of TorchCart to run an online storefront.

Admin Panel: The Ultimate Control Room

First of all, TorchCart helps you to prepare to run an online shop. With our e-commerce solution, after the preparation comes the control! Among all the TorchCart’s Features, Admin Panel is the most important one!
That’s the backend of your website. In other words, the Admin Panel. It’s the central platform because it allows you to control your entire online store.
Have a look at the points below to know what you could do with the admin panel. That way, you’ll know all the features of our e-commerce solution.

The Dashboard: Most Handy One In TorchCart’s Features

In this part of the admin panel, you’ll mainly find four options: customers, products, stocks, and orders. Learn about those options in detail below!

Customer List

This list will have all the essential information of every customer who signs up on a website. As a result, you know the name of your customers and contact information.
Customer list will help your various ways, for example- you can reach them in terms of promoting your service, providing them with offers and so on.
Also, from the customer list, you can check when was the last time someone has taken your service.
Not only that, you will see every date they have taken your service. Moreover, you’ll find those dates in ascending order along with the details of the purchases.

Product List

This is a content management option. Here, you’ll find all the products you’re selling, or you want to sell. Well, you’ll have to upload products utilizing this option. To upload a product, one needs to create products according to your need.
You can upload the product specifying category, sub-category, and sub-sub category. What more, you can add the selling price, buying price, discounted price, and a number of a particular product available in the stock.
There’s more to it! You can deactivate and delete products if required. Moreover, you can edit the information about the products anytime you want!
Let’s not forget about adding a product by brands. Besides, your customers will expect to see the items on your online store by brands.
We have made sure of that! Hence, you get to work by your customers’ needs using the option for creating products by brands.


This particular option of our e-commerce solution will show you the number of products left in the warehouse! In the simplest term, you get to check how many of a particular product you have sold and how many is left.
This option is connected with the product uploading process. You’ll only be able to check the total number of a product when you include the amount during the product creation process.
You’ll find all the goods assembled in a list. Every item in the list will contain information on their categories and quantity.
Also, there’s a handy search bar. That’ll allow you to look up a certain product specifying its category.
In addition to those, there’ll be an option to download and print stock reports in both pdf and excel files.

Order Management

The entire construction of the dashboard is useless without getting an option for managing orders. Thus, there’s one option for you in TorchCart’s features to receive and check orders.
The orders will be shown serially with individual IDs. The number of total items customers have ordered will be in there too. Also, you’ll find details about when they ordered, the place they have ordered from.

Keys Aspect of this options

The latest order will be on the top. Besides, every order will contain the list of products your customer wants and the total amount of their bills.
Every order will appear with the customers’ name, contact, and address. Both you and your customer can make necessary changes to the orders. Changes like- removing a product from the order or increasing the quantity of a product.
There’ll be options for you to change the status of the received orders. Your customers will be able to see that in real-time!
Moreover, you can print the orders to collect the products your customer wants. You can filter orders too according to date or search orders with IDs.

Options for Products & Orders In TorchCart’s Features

The dashboard exists to provide you straightforward access to products, customers, and orders. You’ll be glad to know that there are separate options for them outside the dashboard.
Now, you must be thinking, why separately? The separation options contain few more options. As a result, you can look up products and orders in the backend faster and make all the necessary changes.
For instance, in the option of product, there’re options to see product list by categories! Then, in the order option alongside all orders, you will see the list of orders by area.

Offer Management

In this option, you get to see the products/brands you uploaded with offers. You can delete them as well if you want.
But you might not need to delete all the offers because some of them keep coming every once in a while.
About that, you can change the status of offers. For example, you can select ‘on’ to show people an offer going in a particular brand.
And, you can change it to ‘off’ when the offer ends. As a result, your customers will know an offer is over.

Role Management

In this place, you can add people responsible for the maintenance of your website, including you. You can create, edit, and erase roles any time you want!
Besides, you can include essential details about the roles. Furthermore, you can decide which options a particular role should have access to.
Take for example, you have created a product processing supervisor role. As the name of the role suggests, that person needs nothing but to see the stocks, products. Besides, you certainly don’t one everyone to see your sales, do you? Fortunately, TorchCart’s Features include that beneficial option!

General Setting: The Whole Other Part Of The Website Maintenance

This option includes many more options to manage your website. Let’s specify them so you what you’ll be doing here.
⦁ Currency Setting: Choosing the money unit for your service.
⦁ Shipping Cost Setting: Including the current delivery charge.
⦁ Payment Gateway Setting: Setting the different payment methods, e.g., adding card payments.
⦁ Social Login Setting: Connecting the website with social media IDs of users.
⦁ Shop Setting: Selecting theme, pictures, providing details about your store or business.
⦁ Messenger & Google Analytics: Here, you basically get to connect your website with messenger and google analytics.
⦁ Mail Setting: This option is to set your email ID, password, and other necessary arrangements for sending mail to customers directly from the admin panel!
⦁ Order Area: The list of areas you are willing to serve. You can add and delete areas whenever you want.

Few More Essential Settings In TorchCart’s Features

⦁ Page Setting: Pages for FAQs, Support, About, and Privacy. You can choose which page you want to be activated. You’ll be able to change the page name or delete a specific page according to your need.
⦁ SEO Setting: Here, you include keywords so people can find your website on the internet. For instance, if you are running an online grocery, you keep- ‘online grocery store,’ ‘e-commerce’ as keywords. You can include a short and impactful description of your business too. Also, there’s an option to include images of your service.

Emailing Users: An Option To Connect With Your Customers

This is another helpful feature of TorchCart, allowing you to compose mail for your customers in the admin panel. You won’t have to visit mail sites separately!
This aspect if TorchCart’s Features contain-
⦁ Stock Report: Updates of the available stocks
⦁ Sales Report: Your profits will be automatically integrated. You can check for the profits depending on the number of products you have sold.
⦁ Invoice Report: Records of all the orders
⦁ Account Report

Run Your Online Business Smoothly With TorchCart’s Helpful Features

The features we’ve included so far in our e-commerce solution are based on the latest trends. Ultimately, the features help you to run a business online most systematically.

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