Transform a superstore into successful e-commerce

Business as the central point of human civilization it’s not just an era of Technology anymore. More like, it’s an era of e-commerce, isn’t it?

It’s been a while we have started living in a technologically enhanced era. Nowadays Technology has reached such a level we’re experiencing new Technology every once in a while!

New or established ventures, all of them are choosing to make their service available on the world wide web. Considering that, you should start building e-commerce too!

There’s a list of things one superstore business will need to enlarge their service online. Regarding that, TorchCart is offering you a complete e-commerce solution. You will have the assistance of TorchCart before starting a site and after starting to utilize it.

Let’s see in detail how TorchCart is going to help in every step of starting the prospective e-commerce.

Buying A Domain Name For Your e-commerce

You will need an address for your website. In other words, it’s the name of your website. By the by, the name of your website is simply the name of your store.

You are already familiar to your customers with the name of your physical store, aren’t you? Keeping that in mind, you’ll obviously choose the name of your superstore as the name of your online store.

TorchCart will help you to customize a domain name that matches your superstore well. All you need to do is to contact us and register for a domain name.

You will have to keep a budget to pay for the domain name. Don’t worry, we will provide you with a working domain name at an affordable price.

Getting A Web Hosting

Another important thing you’ll need in terms of forming e-commerce is web-hosting. To put it in simple words, you need to make your online storefront ready to be found on the internet. And, a web-hosting service is what you’ll be needing for that.

Now you must be thinking that how to get web hosting? Well, you don’t make it available on the internet. It’s a technical job, and it’ll be handled by TorchCart. Your job is to consider taking our e-commerce solution.

Building Responsive Website

Since it’s a superstore that you’re making online, you’ll need a fully developed website. The website consists of a specific design and content.

We will talk about those in detail in a while but for now, know that you will need both a user-friendly website and mobile application.

TorchCart will provide you with a website so that your target customers get to use it without any sort of difficulty. Besides, having a website is not enough. It would be best if you own a responsive website.

What is a responsive Website? A responsive website will adjust its’ size according to the size of a device’s screen.

As a result, users or your customers can check and take your service comfortably regardless of the device they’re using. Gladly, TorchCart’s adept e-commerce solution, you’re surely getting a responsive website.

Creating Mobile Application

Next, the successful transformation of the superstore can’t be done with a mobile application. Yes, there’s no alternative to a competent mobile application of your online superstore. Alongside an effective website, you need to build a mobile app too.

Why? People spend more time with their smartphones these days. Moreover, smartphones exist to make things available right in your hand!

Consequently, people will expect you to build a mobile app for your e-commerce. And, you want nothing but to serve your customers’ needs.

Once again, TorchCart will ensure you have a useful mobile application.

Including Content Management System (CMS) & Admin Panel

By content, we mean all the products of you’ll sell online. The products will be uploaded to the software by TorchCart. Clearly, your help is needed there.

To form a proper online superstore for you, we’ll collect a product list from you. Once products are uploaded and other essential work is done, your customer will see all the items in the most organized way.

No worries, you’ll have control over product uploading at the end. And that takes us to the admin panel. From that panel, you will control and check everything related to your online store.

Having An Easy Sign-Up Page

A fully developed website will have a simple sign-up page. To grow prosperous e-commerce, you need to collect necessary information about your customers.

Think about it this way, in the physical store, you already have the information of every customer who once taken your service. It’s no different for your e-commerce service.

Order Management

Ideal e-commerce should have a streamlined order management system. This particular system will mainly include the following things.

Placing An Order: Add To Cart & Smooth Check-out For The e-commerce

After signing up for your online superstore, your customers will shop by searching and selecting their desired items. Just like your physical store, customers will need a cart too.

That’s why there’ll be one cart where customers’ selected products will be stored. In the next stage, they’ll have a check-out button. Checking out means they have placed an order.

Adding Payment Methods In The e-commerce

This aspect is crucial for running a superstore online. You will have several payment methods in our e-commerce solution, and you can choose according to you and your customers’ needs.

Processing The Order From Admin Panel

Whenever customers place orders, you will see the updates immediately with the help of the admin panel. After receiving the orders, you will have options for what you want to do next with the orders.

For instance, when you send an order into the queue of processing, you can change the status of the order into ‘processing.’ You will have few more options there.

In an e-commerce site, customers should be able to see the status of their orders. You can rest assured, TorchCart’s e-commerce solution have that feature.  

Time To Transform Your Physical Superstore In An e-commerce

The aspects we mentioned above are different vital parts of our efficient e-commerce solution. Mainly, you will need these elements to construct a booming electronic business. So, when are you starting the transformation?

Find more about TorchCart below!

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