How to run an online restaurant by using Restora

Starting an online restaurant business is way easier. How? First of all, you won’t need a physical shop! That saves the expense of rent and the overall investment of the business you’re planning on starting.

But you might want to have both the physical and virtual existence of your business. Either way, TorchCart is here!

The solution we’ve here is an online restaurant. Attention! All the people who have a passion for making and serving food can run an online restaurant using Restora in the most organized and profitable way. What’s more, you are getting it at a budget-friendly price!

You’ll find all the features of the Restora in the following sections. Once you go over the details below, you’ll see how it works and how you can benefit a huge deal by using our nifty e-commerce solution!

‘Restora’- Isn’t that an interesting name?

We know the name is not the main factor here. Still, we would like to make you familiar with the word briefly.

To start off, the word ‘Restora’ is clearly similar to the English word ‘restaurant.’ It has a French origin, and we use it as a Bangla word too!

Obviously, that’s the name of our e-commerce solution for an online restaurant, but you surely can set your own business name.

As promised, we’re done here talking about the beautiful name. Let’s move on and see how you can run an online restaurant by utilizing Restora.

Administration & User interface to run online restaurant

We’ll tell you about the admin panel first. That’s where you control your entire online restaurant. Then, we’re going to talk about the user interface a little too.

Administration: Management of your online restaurant

This section of the e-commerce solution is the flip side of everything a user sees. Let’s make it clearer to you.

An image showing the page for administration of online restaurant. The page contains, various options, such as- customer management, Product management, Stock management, Order management, offer management, role management, email setting, and general setting for a website.

Order management

In this option, you’ll be receiving all the orders. In other words, your customers place an order using the website (Restora), and they instantly appear in the section of the order.

A picture showing the page of order managment
Order status

There’re options for you to change the status of the orders, i.e., pending, processing, on delivery, and delivered. Moreover, the moment you change the status of an order. A customer will see that too if they want to track their order.

Editing orders

From this option, you can make the changes in the orders. And, you can print the order if necessary. So, this is how you exactly manage the order.

Searching a specific order

Other than the aspects mentioned above of order management, you’ll see the orders serially by dates. You can search for a specific order too by date, name, number, or simply by an order ID.

Customer management

This section will show you all the users ever made accounts on your online restaurant. You’ll see the customer IDs by the latest date.

There’ll be contact details, addresses of all the customers. Also, when you click on an ID, you’ll see the details of every purchase they have ever made!

By taking the information of your customer, you can communicate with them anytime you want. Furthermore, this option will be beneficial in terms of letting customers know about offers.

Stock management

This section is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, it keeps track of the supplies of your online restaurant. All items will be shown with the amount you have sold and the amount left.

The option for stock management is closely related to product management. Because whatever products or items you upload using the product management section, stock management shows you that in a nicely arranged manner.

Products management

This is where you mainly upload the dishes you’ll serve. Japanese cuisine? Or maybe Korean! Let’s upload ramen! You can add all the essential details of an item including categories, and sub-categories.

Also, you can delete, deactivate, re-activate, and put in the hot deal, and add discounts on an item.

Offer management

This option will be helpful to create campaigns for your business. Our solution for an online restaurant is so self-sufficient that it can do digital marketing too. All you need to do is to input the necessary information with a couple of clicks!  

Report management

This includes sales reports, stock reports, invoice reports, and account reports. What is a business anyway without those essential reports?

That’s why you can find all the important reports whenever you want. It helps you to check the overall status of your business. And, you can take steps according to the reports.

Emailing customers

An image showing emailing option from the administration.

This option of our e-commerce solution is for you to reach your customers in the easiest way possible. You get to send emails from the admin panel with the help of this option.

That means you don’t have to visit the email sites separately. This also saves the trouble of selecting the email addresses of your customers.

Since the admin panel has the email address of your customers, you can find the users’ emails synced in the email management.

General Website Settings for gaining complete control of your online restaurant

  • You can perform the currency setting. In other words, you can select the money unit for your online restaurant.
  • You will be able to add shipping cost, which is the delivery charge.
  • You can select payment methods, e.g., adding card payments, cash on delivery, and so on.
  • The website can be connected with the social media IDs of users. You can allow users to do that by enabling social login setting.
  • The shop setting is a must! You can choose a theme, pictures, input details about your store or business. At this point, you’ll realize you are the one who is actually forming the website for your online restaurant!
  • The website will contain pages like- FAQs, Support, About, and Privacy. You can decide which pages you want your customers to see. There’ll be an option for you to change the page name or delete a specific page as well.
  • In the general setting, you can do some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) too! You can input the main keywords for your business so people can find you online! For example, you’ll be running an online restaurant using Restora. In that case, you put- “best online restaurant,” “food home delivery,” etc.
  • You can connect your website with messenger and Google analytics. That will help you see the number of visitors or users and many more insights about your business.
  • We already talked about sending emails to your customers from the admin panel. But for that, you will need to do some email setting that includes your email ID, password, and other necessary tasks for sending mails.
  • You can make a list of order areas too! In that option, you can see the areas you are operating in.

Creating roles and providing access to different options

You won’t be the only one to run your online restaurant. You’ll undoubtedly be recruiting people sooner or later, right?

For that, you can create different roles from the admin panel for your accountant or maybe for the digital marketer. Also, you can provide access to the pages you want.

For example, the accountant doesn’t need access to the general setting, does she? So, you set accordingly!

User interface

The user interface is the result of all the works you do in the admin panel. For instance, you set a currency in USD, your customers get to order in USD.

Then again, you don’t want to the FAQ section right now on your website. You simply turn it off from the admin panel, and your customer won’t see it! That is how you control your online restaurant.

Get ready to run an online restaurant!

Our e-commerce solution will help you from the very beginning of the planning of starting an online restaurant.

A domain name, web hosting, a responsive website, and finally, the management of the website or your online restaurant. The entire system from TorchCart for your online restaurant is handy and possesses easy operation!

So, when are you hiring the chef?

Want to learn more about TorchCart? Check out the article below.

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